Get a Proof of Any Picture


There is really no way you can see what our pictures actually look like by viewing your computer monitor.

Unless your monitor is accurately calibrated, which is very unlikely, you are seeing a version of our pictures that I never intended. They are going
to look too dark or too light or too saurated or not saturated enough or too contrasty or too flat. The list goes on and on.

So, to see what our pictures actually look like, order a proof. You will be amazed at the quality of our actual pictures.

All proofs are printed personally by Fred Hanselmann

Our proofs are 6.5x10 for stanard format pictures.



To Order Proofs

Order proofs just like any other picture size.

Click on the white "Prices and Sizes" link on the large picture page.

Select "Proof" which is the first item in "loose photographs" in the price list and then click the "Add to Cart" Button

Shrine Ridge, Sunset Lupines
Near Breckenride, CO