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This is what our pictures look like when laminated and framed.

This presentation is called Gallery Mount Framing





Here are some more laminated and framed pictures on the wall

Bigger pictures at bottom of page.




Waiting Rooms





Our framing is done by Reed Photo in Denver. This style of framling is called Gallery Mount Framing.

We can make arrangements with Reeds for you. Or you can contact Reeds directly.

Order photographs directly from us. Reed Photo does the framing.

Reeds will give you a 25% deduction on all framing.

Call us at 207-604-2661 for framing.

More directions below.





Here are the three most popular gallery mount frames.


Gallery Mount Flat

This is our least expensive frame. The picture is mounted to a heavy black base .375 inches thick.The picture is laminated; no glass is used and there are no reflections or glare. The picture is ready to hang.

Gallery Mount Float

The picture is mounted to a black base.375 inches thick and it floats 3/4 of an inch above the wall . The picture is laminated; no glass is used and there are no reflections or glare. The picture is ready to hang.

Gallery Mount Box

The picture is mounted to a black base 1.125 inches thick. The picture is laminated; no glass is used and there are no reflections or glare. The picture is ready to hang.


This type of framing is very attractive in all kinds of locations.

No glass is used. Pictures are mounted on a sturdy base and laminated.

No glare or reflection, the pictures are completely protected, guaranteed to never stain or fade.




What is Gallery Mount framing?

Reed's Gallery Mount is a procedure where a photograph is laminated and then mounted to a heavy base using an acid-free archival adhesive. The photograph is then finished with several styles of very professional looking edges. Glass is not used as the picture is completely protected by the lamination. A special hanging device is attached to the back of the picture for hanging.

We think this kind of laminated framing is the best way to frame our photographs. This is mainly because lamination eliminates almost all glare and reflection from pictures. You can't see the lamination; it is completely invisible, yet it removes almost all glare and reflections. Looking at a laminated picture is almost like looking out of a window it is so clear and life-like. We think this technique is far superior to using mat and glass to frame a picture.


Ordering Gallery Mount Framing for our pictures

To order one of our pictures framed as a Gallery Mount call us at 207-604-2661. We can coordinate the whole project for you. If we coordinate everything, we charge you an extra 10% of the picture price for the service.

Or, you can buy a photograph from us and have us ship the picture to Reed Photo in Denver (no charge for shipping) and then you can talk to Kelly Reed at Reeds about the type of Gallery Mount you want and what framing and shlpping will cost.

If you choose to deal with Reeds yourself, you need to talk to Kelly Reed at Reed Photo. Phone Kelly at 303-573-8084 extension 323, or email her at kellyr@reedphoto.com. You have to talk to Kelly, not one of their regular reps to get the 25% framing discount that Reed gives to all of our customers. Kelly is a great lady and will give you the best of service.

If you live in or near Denver and can pick your picture up from Reeds. This will save you money as you don't have to pay for shipping.

Here is a link to the Reed Photo Gallery Mount page on the Reed Photo website so you can see all the Gallery Mounts that are available.


To arrange for Gallery Mounting, call Hanselmann Photography at 207-604-2661


To talk to Kelly Reed about styles of Gallery mounts and prices:

Contact Kelly Reed at Reed Photo:
303-573-8084, extension 323









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