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11744 Woods Island Light, Maine

11745, Winter Dawn and Rocks, Maine


5391, Nubble Light, Clear Day, Maine

5392, Nubble Light, Rocks and Surf

5418, Stonington Harbour, Red Boat,
Relections, Deer Isle, Maine

5419, Stonington Harbour,
Afternoon Reflections, Deer Isle

11731, Yellow Birch and Granite
Bath, Maine

J10, Buoys, Cape Neddick

J2 Five Trees and Fence

J22, Yellow Bouys, Blue Net

J13, Snowy Trees and Fence

J14, Sunset Kettle Cove

J15, Three Trees

J23 Green Dingy and Dock

J16, Geese

J17, Misty Morning

J19, Misty Meadows

J25, Heron and Fog

J6, Winter Pier 1 at Dawn

J36, White Tree Rectangular

J35, White Tree Square

J9, Misty Woods

J6-A, Winter Pier 2 at Dawn

J7, White Bird, Wells Reserve

J8, Misty Morning Farmhouse

J10, Buoys, Cape Neddick

5420, Stonington Harbour,
Rocks and Reflections, Deer Isle

5421, Stonington Harbour, White
Lobster Shack & Grasses,
Deer Isle, Maine.

5422, Stonington Harbour,
White Lobster Shack Upclose.
Deer Isle, Maine

5423, Stonington Harbour,
Blue Shack & Birch Up Close

5424, Stonington Harbour,
Rocks, Gulls, Sunset, Maine

5425, Stonington Harbour,
Rock Steps and Geraniums, Maine

5426, Cadillac Mountain, Red Bushes,
Rocks, Ocean, Acadia NP ,Maine

5435, Wonderland Beach, Yellow,
Orange, Black Rocks, Ocean,
Acadia National Park, Maine

5436, Wonderland Beach, Orange
Rocks and Surf, Acadia NP, Maine

5439, Wonderland Beach, Orange
Rocks, Black Cracks, Acadia NP

5440, Wonderland Beach, Tide
Pool detail with Mussles, Acadia

5441, Wonderland Beach, Golden
Rocks and Sea, Acadia NP, Maine

5443, Loon Pond, Foggy Morning.

5466, Perkins Cove, Window Box

5467, Perkins Cove Moonrise, Maine

5468, Perkins Cove, Moonrise II,

5469, Perkins Cove Dock and Stairway

5470, Perkins Cove Lobster Boats,
Evening Lights. Maine

5471, Perkins Cove, Lobster Boats
and Stairway. Maine

5472, Perkins Cove outlet
and orange bush, sunset.

5473, Perkins Cove Rocky Spit, Maine

5476, Portland Headlight,
Evening Light, Maine

5682, Nubble Light, Rocks, Sea, Panoramic. Maine

5683, Nubble Light and Rocks, Maine

5685, Dock Pilings and Rope
Cape Porpoise, Maine

5686, Lobster Shack with
Red Door, Cape Porpoise, Maine

5690, Wooden Stairway,
Cape Porpoise, Maine

5687, Cape Porpoise Harbour, Maine

5691, Loon Pond and Dock,
Sunset, near Sanford, Maine

5692, Loon Pond, near
Sanford, Maine

5881, Portland Head Light,
Blue Skies. Maine

5880, Portland Head Light
Blue Skies, Long Narrow. Maine

5893, Bubble Lake, Acadia
National Parkk, Maine

5894,Mixed Bushes and Rocks,
Cadillac Mountain, Acadia NP, Maine

5895, Golden Grasses, Red Bushes,
and Rocks, Acadia NP, Maine

5896, Firs, Red Bushes, Rocks,
Acadia National Park, Maine

5897, Bubble Lake and Maples.
Acadia National Park, Maine

5925,Bass Head Light,
Acadia National Park, Maine

5926, Otter Point Dawn 1
Acadia National Park, Maine

5927, Otter Point Dawn 2
Acadia National Park, Maine

5928, Otter Point Dawn 3
Acadia National Park, Maine

5929, Otter Point Dawn 4
Acadia National Park, Maine

5930, Otter Point Dawn 5
Acadia National Park, Maine

5931, Long Fir, Red Bushes,
Cadillac Mountian,
Arcadia, NP, Maine

5932, Boulder and Frenchmans
Bay, Cadillac Mountain,
Arcadia NP, Maine

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