Pictures of Wildflowers, Gallery 1



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Shrine Pass Stump and Wildflowers

Double Columbine

Yankee Boy Rainbow

Shrine Pass, Lupine Sunset

Shrine Pass and two stumps

Shrine Pass Meadow

Boreas Pass Dawn Showy Dasies

Boreas Pass Dawn Sunflowers

Tiny Elephant Heads and Dasies

Columbines and Paintbrush

Columbine, Dasies & Green Leaves

Columbine, Dasies, Granite

Dasies and Log
Forest Gems

Golden Banner and Longs Peak

Forest Meadow and Wildflowers

Granite Palette and Flowers

Columbine at Mohawk Lake

Maroon Bells and Sunflowers

Forest Bouquet, Mohawk Lake Trail

Mohawk Lake and Showy Dasies

Two Owl Clover and a Poppy


Arizona Lupine

Crested Butte Wildflowers

Columbine and Falls
One of our best Pictures of Wilflowers

Single Columbine

Showy Dasies, Mohawk Lake Trail

Mohawk Lake Bolders & Showy Dasies

Mohawk Lake Wildflowers and Log

Mohawk Lake Wildflowers and Shady Log

Mount Avery and Glacier Lilies, Horizontal

Mt Sneffles and Lupines

Paintbrush and Gathering Storm

Indian Paintbrush and Grasses

Lupine and Blue Sky

Lupines and Log

Columbine and Creek
One of our best Pictures of Wilflowers

Creek, Trunks and Flowers

Crested Butte Showy Dasies

Poppy Patch

Oak, Indian Paintbrush, Bluebonnerts

Quandry Peak, Dasies and Grass

Quandry Peak Paintbrush
McCullah Gulch, Dasies Rocks and Columbines

Rustler Gulch Columbines

Rustler Gulch Single Columbine

Shrine Pass Paintbrush

Shrine Pass Wildflowers and Stumps

Maroon Bells, Lake and Sunflowers

Sunflowers in the Forest

Twilight Columbines

Twilight Paintbrush

Shrine Pass Wildflower Bouquet

Snowy Range Flowers

Fireweed and Rocks

Lily Pond and Sky Reflections

San Juan Lily Pond

Poppy in the Rain

Snowy Range Creek

Yankee Boy Creek

Wildflower Meadow and Fence

Red Tulips (not wild but
a good picture anyway)

Purple Flowers and Creek 2

Purple Flowers and Creek 1

Red Rocks Lake Morning

Wildflowers and Fence

Blue Lake Falls and Blue Bells

Colorado Blue Bells

Columbine, Dasies and Green Leaves

Columbine, Paintbrush and Lupine

5130, Three Glacier Lilies
Gothic Valley near
Crested Butte, Colorado
Three Glacier Lilies, near Crested Butte, CO

Stormy Crested Butte Wildflowers

Indian Paintbrush

Showy Dasies in the Forest

Primrose Cascade Horizontal

Red Rocks Morning 3, Long Narrow

Boulder and Wildflowers

Crested Butte Fireweed I

Crested Butte Fireweed II

Wildflowers and Crested Butte Lake

5129, Two Glacier Lilies,
Gothic Valley Near Crested Buttte,

5122, Indian Paint Brush Early
Spring, Green Mountain
in Denver, Colorado

5120A, Wild Iris and Sisters,
Near Salida, Colorado

5120, Gore Range and Sunflowers

5123, Two Indian Paintbrush and
Green Mountain in Denver,

5121, Golden Banner and
Sisters, Near Salida, Colorado

5160, Aspen Trunk and Flower


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White Showy Daisies, Glacier National Park, Montana

10016, White Showy Daisies, Glacier National Park, Montana







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