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Aspen Road

Teton Autumn

Columbine and Falls

Bear Lake and Boulders

Misty Bear Lake II

Crooked Fence I

Shrine Pass, Lupine Sunset

Shrine Pass Stump and Flowers

Shrine Pass and two stumps

Shrine Pass Meadow

Blue Lake Falls, Dawn Grasses

Boreas Pass Dawn Showy Dasies

Columbines and Paintbrush

Columbine, Dasies, Granite

Yankee Boy Creek

Yankee Boy Rainbow

Winter Grasses

Snowy Range Flowers

Snake River Rainbow

Teton Barn Dawn

Fireweed and Rocks

Aspen Grove 2

Cataract Lake Reflections

Cottonwood Corner & Willows

Lake Dillon Sailboats in Sunset

Tiny Elephant Heads and Dasies

Engineer Peak Morning

Dasies and Log

Grizley Peak Morning

Conejos Aspens

Elbow Creek

Creek, Trunks and Flowers

Misty Morning

Red Mountain and Flowers

Crested Butte Showy Dasies

Forest Gems

Dallas Divide Autumn, Long Narrow

Aspens and Road 4

Curvry Aspen Road

Longs Peak, East Face, Morning

Forest Meadow and Wildflowers

Gothic Valley and Pourover

Gothic Valley Dawn Pool

Single Columbine

Double Columbine

Columbine and Creek

Forest Pool

Creek and Red Leaves

Lone Aspen

Gothic Valley & Ridge Silhouette

Gothic Valley Sunset

Granite Palette and Flowers

Long's Peak and Branch

Lupines and Log

Going to the Sun

Lake Herbert, Long Narrow

Lake Dillon Winter

Maron Bells, Long Narrow

Mills Lake Outlet

Mountain Church

Aspens and Road 2

Foggy Glacier River

Stormy Mt. Sneffles

Majestic Aspens and Fir

Maroon Bells and Sunflowers

Mohawk Lake and Showy Dasies

Showy Dasies, Mohawk Lake Trail

Mohawk Lake Bolders & Showy Dasies

Molas Lake Sunrise and high Peaks

Shrine Pass Dawn

Shrine Pass Fireweed

Sprague Lake with Duck

Sunny Mt Sneffles

Teton Dawn I

Aspen Leaves and Log

Molas Lake Twilight

Mount Avery at Sunrise, Gothic Valley

Owl Creek Pass Aspen Trunks and Leaves

Mount Avery and Glacier Lilies,

Paintbrush and Gathering Storm

Indian Paintbrush and Grasses


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Teton Autumn in Teton National Park, Wyoming


All of the above pictures of the Rocky Mountains were taken by Fred and Joan Hanselmann

Rocky Mountain Phototograpy is myself and my wife, Fred and Joan Hanselmann. I am the guy to the left with the large format camera. Joan is on the right, photographing with her medium format camera at McDonald Lake in Glacier National Park.

Both Joan and I have a great love for the mountains and rivers and deserts of the American west. I suppose this came from our childhoods. We both grew up in Wyoming and learned at an early age to love the wild places around us. Joan grew up camping and fishing and hiking with her family in the Wind River Mountains in the North-western part of the state. I had similar experiences. When I was between ten and fourteen or so, my parents would often take my brother and I on a series of wonderful summer vacation trips to the great National Parks of the West. Since we lived in Wyoming, one of the places we often visited was Grand Teton National Park. I can still remember one magic morning when we got up very early to go on a hike. We were walking around Jenny Lake shortly after dawn. I was absolutely enthralled. I vowed to come back. And I have. I've been back to the Tetons every year of my life since, except for a couple of years that I spent in the army. The Tetons and many of the other great National Parks of the American West have become a central and enduring part of my life.






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