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Maron Bells, Long Narrow

Mills Lake Outlet

Mountain Church

Forest Bouquet, Mohawk Lake Trail

Mohawk Lake and Showy Dasies

Showy Dasies, Mohawk Lake Trail

Molas Lake Sunrise and high Peaks

Molas Lake Twilight

Mount Avery at Sunrise, Gothic Valley

Aspens and Road 2

Longs Peak and Branch

Stormy Mt. Sneffles

Shrine Pass Dawn

Shrine Pass Fireweed

Sprague Lake with Duch

Mount Avery and Glacier Lilies, Horizontal

Owl Creek Pass Aspen Trunks and Leaves

Paintbrush and Gathering Storm

Indian Paintbrush and Grasses

Pink Granite and Fall Creek Valley

Lupine and Blue Sky

Sunny Mt Sneffles

Dallas Divide Pink Dawn

Aspen Leaves and Log

Colorado Monument and Juniper

Horizontal Aspens

Red Poncha Pass Aspens

Quandry Peak, Dasies and Grass

Rail Fence and Forest

Red Mountain and Crystal Lake

Quandry Peak Paintbrush
Gothic Valley Stream
McCullah Gulch, Dasies Rocks and Columbines

Primrose Waterfall

Long's Peak Dawn II

Paintbrush and Hillside, Vertical

Primrose at Lake Isabell, Vertical

Red Rocks Morning 2

Red Rocks Morning 2, Long Narrow

Rustler Gulch Columbines

Rustler Gulch Single Columbine

San Juans, Fence and Yellow Flowers

Shrine Pass Paintbrush

Two Aspen Trunks and Sky

Crystal River Autumn

Red Rocks Morning3

Red Rocks Morning 3, Long Narrow

Maroon Bells and Logs

Path to Maroon Bells, Horizontal

Path to Maroon Bells, Vertical

Shrine Pass Wildflowers and Stumps

Shrine Pass Meadow

Six Aspen Trunks

Silverton Pines and Peaks

Spring Run Off

Sprague Lake and Spring Clouds

Hallet Peak Dawn II

Hoosier Pass Vista

Longs Peak from the Rock Cut

Storm Flowers

Roaring Fork Valley from Independene

Hallet Peak and Creek

Sunflowers in the Forest

Shrine Pass Stummp and Snow

Twilight Paintbrush

White Trunks and Forest

Shrine Pass Wildflower Bouquet

Wildflowers and Fence

Aspen leaves, Grasses and Log

Bear Lake Sunset

Boulder and Wildflowers

Braided Glacier Creek

Coke Ovens at Dawn

Crested Butte Fireweed I

Aspen Leaves and Path

Aspen Road, Two Firs and Blue Sky

Aspen Trunk, Moss and Leaves

Crooked Aspens

Elk and Spague Lake

Glacier Creek and Boulders

Glacier Creek Horizontal

Green Grass and Granite Wall

Hallett Peak Sunrise, long narrow

Aspen Road, Early Fall, Ohio Pass

Blue Lake Falls and Blue Bells

Blue Lake Falls, Pink Dawn

Booth Falls

Colorado Blue Bells

Columbine, Paintbrush and Lupine

Longs Peak, Pines and Aspen

Stormy Crested Butte Wildflowers

Lichen, Rock and Waterfall

Columbine, Dasies and Green Leaves

Three Glacier Lilies, near Crested Butte, CO




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Crystal River in Autumn, Near Aspen, Colorado

Crystal River in Autumn, Near Aspen, Colorado






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