Scenic Churches of the Southwest



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9838, Two Crosses and Steeple, Las Trampas Church, NM

9835, Cross and Sky, Truchas, NM

9836, Pilar Church, On the Rio Grande River near Taos, NM

9838, Two Crosses and Steeple, Las Trampas Church, NM

9826, Hernandez Church, Hernandez New Mexico

9837, Las Trampas Church, NM

Santuario Chimayo

5445, Sanctuario de Chimayo,
One Door and Red Flowers,
New Mexico

5446, Sanctuario de Chimayo, Two
Doors and Red Flowers, New Mexico

5448, Sanctuario de Chimayo
and Cross, New Mexic

5449, Sanctuario de Chimayo,
Wide Angle, New Mexico

5450, Sanctuario de Chimayo,
Gate and Flower Detail, New Mexico

5451, Sanctuario de Chimayo,
Gate, Red Flowers and Snapdragons, New Mexico

5453, Ranchos de Taos Church.
Rear View, New Mexico

5455, Ranchos de Taos Church.
Doorway with Cross, New Mexico

5457, Ranchos de Taos Church.
Sunset, New Mexico

5459, Ranchos de Taos Church.
Abstract Shapes, New Mexico







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