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7847, Dallas Divide and Cottonwoods
Near Telluride, CO

7851, Grizley Peak at Dawn
San Juan Mountains, CO

7853, Engineer Peak and Aspens
San Juan Mountains , CO

7854, Grizley Peak, Early Soft Light
San Juan Mountains, CO

7855, Engineer Peak and Pond, Fall Dawn, San Juan Mountains, CO

7856, Engineer Peak, Pond and Grasses,
San Juan Mountains, CO

7857, Dallas Divide and Rail Fence
Near Telluride, CO

7350, Fooses Road and Aspens
Collegiate Range, CO

7352, Fooses Road Aspen Grove
Collegiate Range, CO

7894, Crested Butte Wildflowers and fenceline
Crested Butte, Colorado

8545, First Storm of Winter,8545, Maroon Bell, Colorado

8548, Windy Day along the Crystal River near Carbondale, Colorado

8549, Autumn Leaves and Crystal River near Carbondale, Colorado

8359, Aspen Trunks and Autumn Folliage, Tall Narrow, Maroon Bells, Colorado

8550, Pyramid Peak, Fir and Aspens, near the Maroon Bells, Colorado

8528, Blue Asters, Sunlight and Shade, San Luis Valley, Colorado

8654, Blue Lupine and Mosquito Range, Colorado

9000, Independence Pass Looking East, Colorado Mountains

8177, Steeple and Mt Massive in Leadville, Colorado

8170, Flowers, Grasses and Sky, San Luis Valley, Colorado

8172, Purple Lupine, Upper Arkansas Valley, Colorado

8173, Eagle River, Boulders and Pines near Minturn, Colorado

8176, Daisies, Grasses and Golden Leaves, 10th Mountain Division Valley, Colorado

8228, Old Mine Detail, Leadville Colorado

8180, Mount Massive, Cattle and Ranch, Colorado. This image will print to very large sizes.

8356, Aspen Group, Maroon Bells and Russet Grasses, Maroon Bells, Colorado

8361, Aspen Trunk and Grasses, Maroon Bells, Colorado

8538, Aspens, Lake and Maroon Bells, Maroon Bells, Colorado

8543, Pyramid Peak from Crater Lake Trail, Maroon Bells, Colorado

8628, Blanket Flowers, San Luis Valley, Colorado

8552, First Light on the Maroon Bells, Colorado

8382, Dawn Light on Peaks, Maroon Bells, Colorado




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Dallas Divide and Rail Fence, Colorado

7857, Dallas Divide and Rail Fence






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