Urban and Rural Vignettes

The Hand of Man

Doors and windows

Old barns, houses, doors, windows and churches

What These Pictures Are About

Most of our pictures are about wilderness and nature; places far from the hand of man. In fact I go to great lengths to be sure there are no cars or highways or houses or power lines or people in any of my wilderness landscapes; most of these pictures are miles and miles from any man-made object. Most of the wilderness places I photograph are entirely about the natural world as a place of unique and overwhelming beauty.

However, the pictures in this section are specifically about the hand of man; doors and windows, old houses, old churches, old boats, and other structures built by man. Some of the pictures are about place, where they represent specific localities such as the Pacific Northwest, or New England or the Southwest or the Rocky Mountains. Others are more about design: line, shape, color, balance, and harmony. Still others are mostly about light. All of them are about beauty created by human beings, sometimes intentionally, sometimes accidently and sometimes a combination of man's creation and the weathering effects of nature and time.

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Doorway with Pot
Tucson, AZ

Doorway with Steps
Tucson, AZ

Yellow Arched Door
Tucson, AZ

Red Door, Blue Steps
Tucson, AZ

Coke and Doors
Salida, CO

Green Screen Door
Tucson, AZ

Teton Barn Dawn

Sunny Teton Barn

Golden Teton Barn

Mountain Church
Long Narrow

5451, Sanctuario de Chimayo,
Gate, Red Flowers and Snapdragons, New Mexico

5453, Ranchos de Taos Church.
Rear View, New Mexico

Three Doors, Brick Wall
Salida, Colorado

Window Box
Tucson, AZ

5423, Stonington Harbour,
Blue Shack & Birch Up Close

5425, Stonington Harbour,

5466, Perkins Cove, Window Box

5468, Perkins Cove, Moonrise II,

5469, Perkins Cove Dock and Stairway

5470, Perkins Cove Lobster Boats,
Evening Lights. Maine

5476, Portland Headlight,
Evening Light, Maine

5685, Dock Pilings and Rope
Cape Porpoise, Maine

5686, Lobster Shack

5690, Wooden Stairway,
Cape Porpoise, Maine

5956, Round Harbour, White and
Blue Dory, Maine

5951, Nubble Light Pink
Sunset ,Maine

5883, Stonington Harbour Reflections
and Red Boat, Long Narrow

5902, Red Leaves on Fence,
Stonington Harbour, Deer Isle

5903,Lobster boats and town\,
Sunset. Stonington Harbour,
Deer Isle, Maine

5905, Lobster Boats and lights at
Night, Stonington Harbour,
Deer Isle, Maine

5901, White Lobster Shack and
Window, Stonington Harbour,
Deer Isle, Maine

5919, Old Boat, Back Cove.
Deer Isle, Maine

5921, Lobster Boats and
Stonington Harbour, Deer Isle, Maine

5923, Abandoned Deer Island
Farmhouse, Door, Maine

5922, Abandoned Deer Island
Farmhouse with Windowns

5924, Abandoned Deer Isle

5859, Covered Bridge in
Bath , New Hampshire

5862, Broken Fence,
Church and Red Barn,
Peachum, Vt,

5863, White Railing and
Flowers, Peachum, Vt

5864, Red Barn, White
Door, Peachum, Vt

5878, Vermont Red Barns
and bare trees, Vermont

5879, Red Barn Doors,
Peachum, Vt

5445, Sanctuario de Chimayo,
One Door and Red Flowers,
New Mexico

5448, Sanctuario de Chimayo
and Cross, New Mexico

5450, Sanctuario de Chimayo,
Gate and Flower Detail, New Mexico

5457, Ranchos de Taos Church.
Sunset, New Mexico

5459, Ranchos de Taos Church.
Abstract Shapes, New Mexico

5455, Ranchos de Taos Church.
Doorway with Cross, New Mexico