Colorado in the Winter



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Sangre de Cristo Road in Winter

Snowy Mountain Road

Lake Dillon Winter

Shrine Pass Stummp and Snow

6966, Winter Ice on the
Arkansas River, CO

6964, Snow Laden Pines,
Monarch Pass, CO

6961, Snowy Pines 2,
Monarch Pass, CO

6932, Snow and Ponderosa

6931A, Snowy Mountain
Trail, CO

6004, Dillon Lake Winter, CO

6963, Deep Powder,
Monarch Pass, CO

6965, New snow,
Monarch Bowl, CO

6967, Ice Along the Arkansas
River, CO

6981, Ice along the Arkansas
River II, CO

6990, Lake Dillon, Pink and Blue
Sunset, CO

7014, Snowy Chamisa and Fence,

7019, Ponderosa Cones and Snow,