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I'm not sure if "Art Photography is really the right name for these pictures. Mostly, these are pictures where I isolate small pieces of a scene in closeups. These closeups, isolated from rest of the world turn into something very much like abstract paintings. Some of the pictures are very abstract (mostly color, shape, form and line) and others are small, recognizable pieces of real places that work more as abstsract art than my more traditional landscape photography does.

At any rate, all of these pictures are real scenes; they look just as I found them in nature.

Actually, I think a lot of my pictures can be seen as art. And there are many pictures, particularly some of my wildflower shots that ought to be included here that are not. So, this catagory,"Nature as Art" is pretty arbitray, but I think it may have some value in helping visitors to find what they are looking for.

Many of these pictures have to be seen in a little more detail to appreciate them. Be sure to click the small thumbnail picture to go to a larger picture.


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10007, Lakeshore Boulder With Lichen One, Lake McDonald, Natural Abstract Art, Glacier National Park, Montana

10011, Lakeshore Boulder With Lichen Two, Lake McDonald, ,Natural Abstract Art, Glacier National Park, Montana

10005, Ripple Patterns on Underwater Mudstone. Glacier National Park, Montana

10006, Underwater Mudstone Pebbles, McDonald Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

8051, Orange and Black Rock, Curl of Gray Wood, Green River Utah

8052, Orange Rock, Curved Stick, Green River Utah

8080, Layered Rock and Pebbles, Green River Utah


8070, Sticks, Rocks and Sand, Green River Utah

8071, Flat Rock, Brown and White Stick, Green River Utah

8074, Drift Wood, Green Leaves, Sand and Rock, Green River Utah

8090, Water Stained Red Wall, Green River Utah

8104, Drift Wood, Sand and Fern, Green River Utah

8105, Driftwood, Green and Yellow Leaves, Green River Utah

8142, Driftwood and Rock, Green River Utah

9610, Fall Folliage and Frost, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming

9631, Imperfect Blue Flower with Puff Balls, Placitas, NM

9632, Ringed Rock, Pebbles and Grass, Placitas, NM

9634, Arroyo Floor, Rocks and Cone, Placitas, NM

9651, Yellow Flowers and Wood, Tight Crop, Green River Lakes, Wyoming

10061, Pine and Peak Silloutes 2, Glacier National Park, MT

Two Owl Clover and Poppy, Organ Pipe National Park, AZ

6966, Winter Ice on the
Arkansas River, CO

5158, Aspen Trunk and Flower, Ohio Pass, Colorado

5160, Aspen Trunk and Flower, Upclose, Ohio Pass, Colorado

11421, Smooth River Rocks, Tetons

11725, Autumn Leaves, Chocorua Lake
Chocorua Lake, New Hampshire

J10, Buoys, Cape Neddick

J12 Night Court

J15, Three Trees

J17, Misty Morning

J3 Oak Tree and Snow

J27, Gray Bridge and Duck

J23 Green Dingy and Dock

J6-A, Winter Pier 2 at Dawn

J8, Misty Morning Farmhouse

J6, Winter Pier 1 at Dawn

5257, Aspen Leaves and Rain Drops, Near Telluride, CO

5258, Reeds, Aspen leaves and Water, Near Telluride, CO

5404, River Rocks and Maple Leaves, Swift River, NH

5411, Leaves and Needles, Swift River, NH

5690, Wooden Stairs, Maine Seacoast

5902, Red Leaves, Gray wall, Stonington, ME

5922, Abandoned Farm House, Deer Island, ME

5923, Weathered Door, Old Farmhouse, Deer Island Me

5924, Abandoned Hotel, Deer Island ME

5934, Red Rock and Tide Pool, Wonderland Beach, Acadia NP in Maine

5935, Tide Pool with Blue Mussles, Wonderland Beach, Acadia NP in Maine

5936, Orange Rocks and Black Seaweed, Wonderland Beach, Acadia NP in Maine

7620, Kelp and Sand 4, Ogunquit Beach, Maine

7625, Kelp and Sand, 5, Ogunquit Beach, Maine

7629, Gourds 1, Farm in Maine

7019, Ponderosa Cones and Snow,

7414, Red Tulips, Corrales, NM

7618, Kelp and Sand, Ogunquit Beach, Maine

7634, Flowerbox and Window

7676, Fir, Boulder and Bare Branches

7677, Three Water Lilies, Twin Lakes, Windriver Moutains, Wyoming

7746, Kelp and Sand 7, Ogunquit Beach, Maine

7896, New Mexico Pickup Truck, Jemez Mountains, NM

8215, Mudstone in Creek
Hanging Gardens in Glacier National Park, Montana

8228, Leadville Mine detail, Leadville Colorado

Window Box and Pink Wall, Tucson, AZ

Wet Poppy, Near Fountain Hills, AZ

8509, Cottonwood Leaves in Placitas NM

8528, Blue Roadside Flowers, San Luis Valley, Colorado

8640, San Luis Valley Highway, Wet with Rain, Colorado

8749, Aligator Juniper Trunk Detail, Gila Wilderness, NM

8750, Aligator Juniper Bark Detail, Gila Wilderness, NM

8755, Ponderosa Log Detail, Gila Wilderness, NM

8757, Weathered Ponderosa Log, Gila Wilderness, NM

8761, Rock and Lichen Detail, Gila Wilderness, NM

9022, Petrified Rocks, Log and Sand, Petrified Forest NP, Arzona

9024, Badlands Abstract, Petrified Forest NP, Arizona

9025, Abstract Rust Pattern in Purple, Petrified Forest NP, Arizona

9029, Gray badlands and Petrified Wood, Petrified Forest NP, Arizona

9033, Stone House with Gray Door leaning agains wall, Zuni Indian Reservation, NM

9058, Upper Emerald Pool in Zion Natioanl Park, UT

Yellow Daisies, Crested Butte

Arkansas River Winter, Ice Grasses, Willows, Colorado

Aspen Leaves and Log, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Aspen leaves, Grasses and Log, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Aspen Trunk, Moss and Leaves, Umcompagre Mountains, Colorado

Double Columbine, Crested Butte, Colorado

Doorway and Pot, Tucson, AZ

Doorway and Steps, Tucson, AZ

Elbow Creek, Wild River Mountains, Wyoming

Frozen Dune, Vermillion Clifffs Wilderness Area, Arizona

Green Screen Door, Tucson AZ

Green Grass and Granite Wall, Rocky Mountain National Park

Iris, black background, Corrales, NM

6932, Snow and Ponderosa

9054, Plains Prickly Pear, Near Lake Powell Arizona

9024, Badlands Abstraction with Petrified Wood, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Scenic pictures of wild and beautiful Colorado.

8235, Foxtail Grasses, 10th Mountain Division Valley, Colorado

Scenic pictures of wild and beautiful Colorado.

8359, Aspen Trunks and Autumn Folliage, Tall Narrow, Maroon Bells, Colorado

Scenic pictures of wild and beautiful Colorado.

8361, Aspen Trunk and Grasses, Maroon Bells, Colorado

Scenic pictures of wild and beautiful Idaho..

8244, Branch Skeleton and Green Bush, Craters of the Moon National Park, Utah

8220, Paintbrush and Grasses on Black Backgrouond, Logan Pass, Glacier National Park Montana.

8366, Rudbeckia, Showy Daisies, Grasses. Glacier National Park, Montana.

9149, Aspen Trunk and Leaves, Northern Montana

8370, Vine on Adobe Wall, New Mexico Central Desert near Placitas

8369, Prickly Pear and Chamisa, New Mexico
Central Desert near Albuquerque

8494, Snowy Log and Green Oak Leaves, Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque, NM

8496, Scrub Oak Leaves, Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico

8759, Yucca and Volcanic Rock, Gila Wilderness in Southern New Mexico

8996, Juniper Snag, Cactus and Grasses, New Mexico
Central Desert near Albuquerque

9007, Desert Indain Paintbrush, New Mexico
Central Desert near Albuquerque

9019, Stone House, Blue and White Door, Zuni Reservation, Western New Mexico

9118, Tiny White Flowers and Prickly Pear Cactus, Foothills of the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico

Scenic pictures of wild and beautiful Wyoming.

8665, Wyoming Fence Post and Plains,

Scenic pictures of wild and beautiful Wyoming.

9275, White Columbines and Grasses, Vertical
Teton National Park, Wyoming

Scenic pictures of wild and beautiful Wyoming.

9278, Sticky Geraniums Upclose
Teton National Park, Wyoming

9123, Slickrock Paintbrush and Sunray, Arches National Park, Utah

9108, Slickrock Paintbrush, High Slabs, Zion National Park, Utah

9127, Slickrock Paintbrush and Gray Log, Arches National Park, Utah

10015, Showy Daisies and Grasses, Glacier National Park, Montana

10016, White Showy Daisies and Grasses, Glacier National Park, Montana

10040, Wildflowers and Grinnell Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana

10252, Autumn Leaves and Grasses, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

10284, Mammoth Hotsprings, Purple Dawn Light, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

10287, Mammoth Hot Springs, Reflections and White Rock, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

10290, Mammoth Hot Springs, Early Dawn and Purple Steam

10291, Mammoth Hot Springs, Dawn, Pastels and White, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

10292, Mammoth Hot Springs, Dawn Steam and Sky, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

8006, Water Lilies, Wind River Mountains in Wyoming

8067, Beach Detail, Orange Rock and Driftwood, Green River, Desolation and Grays Canyons, Utah.

8073, Tan and Purple Rocks, Reeds, Sand, Green River, Desolation and Grays Canyons, Utah.

8092, Barb Wire Gate and Canyon, Green River, Desolation and Grays Canyons, Utah.

8110, Abandoned Barn, Hinge Detail, Green River, Desolation and Grays Canyons, Utah.

9610, Fall Leaves and Frost,
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

9611, Fall Leaves and Frost II, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

9580, Sunflower and Dried Grasses, Central New Mexico Desert

9867, Cocopelli Petroglyph, La Cieneguilla, New Mexico

9838, Two Crosses and Steeple, Las Trampas New Mexico

9974, Upper Salmon River, Liquid Gold and Green, Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho

9993, Cattails and Reeds, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho










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