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Fred Hanselmann with camera

Fred Hanselmann


Joan Hanselmann

Joan Hanselmann





The Warrior group of peaks at the top of Cirque of the Towers.  Located in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.
7267, Warrior Peaks, Cirque of Towers
Wind River Mountains in Wyoming


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Rocky Mountain Photography , Fred and Joan Hanselmann

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FRED'S NOTES: The Dad's Lake / Donald Lake area of the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming is in the southern end of the range and is accessed from the Big Sandy Trailhead. In August of 2008 I spent ten days backpacking in the Big Sandy area; our first campsite was along the small creek that joins Donald and Dad's Lakes. This creek was chuck full of 8" Cutthroat trout that would rise to anything we thew in the river, sticks, small stones, flowers, whatever. Unfortuntely we did not have fishing poles with us, so instead of fishing, I spent two days photographing the area. Above and to the east of the lakes lies the continental divide which at this point includes the Cirque of Towers, one of the most spectacular valleys of the Winds. The Cirque is surrounded by some of the highest, most jagged granite peaks in the Rockies.The towering western walls of the Cirque form a backdrop for this whole area. In fact, we were seldom out of sight of them for the entire ten day trip.