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Getting huge pictures framed is not as difficult as it may seem.

Many new homes have very large walls that seem to beg for huge pictures. To meet this need, extremely large pictures are becoming more and more available from all kinds of artists. Not to be left out, Rocky Mountain Photography also has the ability to make some really large photographs, some of which can be as large as 150 inches long and even longer. Mounting and framing photographs this large presents some special problems. Below are some solutions.

Little Redfish Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. This picture can be printed 300 inches long.


Having the job done at Reed Photo in Denver is our best advice.

Before I go into other ways to frame huge photographs, I have to say that in my opinion the best option by far is to have the job done by Reed Photo in Denver. They have a product called a Gallery Mount which is a great solution to the problem of huge pictures.

Below are a couple of pictures framed by Reeds as Gallery Mounts. The pictures show here are not really large, but Reeds can frame pictures as large as 48x120 as gallery mounts. However, if you were to put several of these pictures toether as a triptych or as a four or five piece picture, we are talking about truly giagantic sizes.

Also, we offer pictures as large as 33x50 or 34x82 framed as Gallery Mounts on this website. You can order them directly from our web site without the hassle of first ordering from us and then having to deal with framing in another location. Many of these pictures can be order from us in custom sizes that are far larger than the two sizes mentioned above. Call us if you are interested in really huge sizes of our pictures at 207-604-2661.



Here is a huge photograph split into four pieces and hung in pieces.



Here is a picture split into three pieces and hung as a triptych.

Futher down on this page are details about getting your framing job done by Reed Photo.



Below are several other ways of framing huge pictures.


Don't Despair: Framing large pictures is not as hard as it may seem. There are definitely many framers who can handle the problems of framing very large images even though you may have to look a little harder to find them. Sunflowers in Forest, Shine Pass Wildflowers in ColoradoDon't despair though, there are many, many framers who handle the problems of huge pictures routinely. Thirty minutes or so on the phone will usually solve the problem. I have found that it is usually more productive to use the phone than the internet; find a large and reputable looking framer in the yellow pages. If he can't do the job, he can usually recommend someone who can. Don't limit yourself to just framers. Often large photo labs and graphics presentation places will mount and laminate large photographs. If you are buying a very large photograph from us, we can often help you find a place to get the job done. Call us and ask. 207-604-2661.

120 inches long is a good limit: When pictures are longer than 120 inches, the problems multiply. Frame usually comes in 120 inch lengths although it does exist in somewhat longer lengths. Huge mat is also hard to find and probably nonexistent in lengths longer than 96 inches. (For larger sizes, mat can be pieced together however.) Also,the limit of a lot of framing equipment is often120 inches or less. Unless you plan to have me print the picture on canvas (see below), you should probably limit picture length to 120"; this will solve a lot of problems.

Glass: It is a good idea to avoid glass in very large pictures. Glass is very heavy in large sizes, it can be dangerous if the picture falls off the wall and it causes lots of glare and reflections that are very objectionable, especially in huge sizes. And huge pieces of reflection control glass unbelieveably expensive

Lamination: One solution is to laminate huge pictures and then mount them on either 3/16" Gator Board, Rhino Board or Mighty Core. This is a solution that works quite well.. Laminated pictures are covered with a thin layer of flexible laminate material which eliminates all glare and reflections and completely protects the picture so it can be displayed without glass. See our article on laminated pictures for a complete discussion of the pros and cons of laminating. Many large photographic labs including Reed Photo in Denver, and Calypso Photographic in Santa Cruz and BWC in Richardson, TX routinely laminate pictures up to 120 inches long for very reasonable prices.

Canvas: Another way to frame huge piGothic Valley Sunset near Crested Buttectures without glass is to have me print the picture on canvas instead of on photo paper. This is probably the best solution for pictures over 120 inches. The most practical way to frame huge pictures, like some of mine that are over 200 inches long, is to print them on canvas, and then have a framer stretch the picture onto a stretcher frame. Canvas is certainly the most economical way to deal with immense pictures. Because of the rough texture of canvas, pictures are not quite as sharp or as finely detailed as pictures printed on paper. However, from the proper viewing distance, pictures printed on canvas will look just as sharp as pictures printed on paper. For pictures over 120 inches long, I definitely think canvas is the only way to go. An additional plus is that if you are at all handy with tools, it is not that hard to build your own stretcher frame and do the job yourself.

Our pictures printed on canvas are 15% more expensive than our regular pictures. You have to call us to order a picture printed on canvas; you cannot order them online.

Buy a loose photograph from us and have it framed as a Gallery Mount by Reed Photo in Denver.

A Gallery Mount done by Reed Photo is absolutely the very best way to frame very large photogaphs. This presentation is very beautiful and surely the most economical

  1. Reed Photo has a terrific framing process called Gallery Mount. This is basically a photograph that is laminated and then mounted on a heavy mount board and finished with a highly finished edge. Mat and glass are not used. This is a very contemporary presentation. There are many examples to look at on their web site. An example of just one of the several Gallery Mount styles is on the right.

  2. You save money because Reeds has very good prices to begin with and secondly, because they give our customers a 25% discount.

  3. We will send your photograph to Reeds with free shipping. We send a less expensive regular photograph to Reeds, not the expensive laminated one. Reeds does the laminating, not us. You pay us only for a regular, unlaminated loose print.

  4. You call Reed Photo and talk to Kelly Reed to choose which style of Gallery Mount you want. Kelly can be reached at 303-573-7801, extension 350. Kelly is very personable and can answer any questions about the Gallery Mount process, costs and shipping. Be sure to tell her you are our customer.

  5. If you live in the Denver area you pick up your finished photograph and pay no shipping.

  6. If you live out of town, Reeds will ship your finished photo to you. You will have to pay for packing and shipping. This isn't too horrible. Kelly Reed can give you the exact packing and shipping prices.

  7. Let us know if you want to use this option. Call or email or order on line and leave us a note in the "Special Instructions" box near the end of the order sequence.

  8. Reed Photo is not the only place that does this sort of laminated and mounted presentation. There are many framers who now do this popular type of framing all over the country. If you live in or near a reasonably large city they are not hard to find. The best way to find someone who does this is to look in your local yellow pages and then pick the framer who looks the most professional. Call and ask if they do this sort of framing; if they don't, they will be able to recommend someone who can. This works much better than trying to find a framer online. If you can't find anyone, call me and I'll find someone to do the job for you.

  9. Do not use Windex or other chemical cleaners on the lamination; it will damage the lamination. Laminated pictures can be cleaned with a soft damp rag or with mild soap and water if necessary. Do not try to clean them with a dry cloth, this can scratch the lamination.

This is another of Reeds Gallery Mount styles. This one is called
the Gallery Float. The picture floats 3/4 of an inch off the wall.
This is a modern looking presentation that I like a lot.

Plexiglass: A fourth way of framing without using glass is to use Plexiglass . Plexiglass does come in pretty huge sizes and and can be a good solution. It is available in non-glare surfaces. Another plus is that Plexiglass is quite light compared to glass. The down side is that it scratches fairly easily and you can often see warps and ripples in the plexiglass. However, plexiglass may be a good solution for really huge pictues that you don't want to laminate.

Triptychs: A final solution is to cut the picture into two or three pieces and frame each piece separately and then hang them as diptychs or triptychs. This is can result in a very dramatic and original looking presentation. This sounds like a last ditch solution, but if you like this kind of look, as many people with contemporary homes do, it can be a great way to frame huge pictures.

Displaying photographs:All sizes of photographs, large or small look vastly different under different kinds of light. If the photograph is framed with glass, try to situate it so that it is not facing a window or bright lights. This will eliminate some reflections and most glare.

Generally, the better the lighting, the better the photograph will look. Light from windows and nearby lamps will help, even though the reflections they add may prohibit this kind of lighting. We don’t recommend the small picture lights that clip on the top of the frame; these lights are generally too small to do any good and look clunky. However, they are certainly better than nothing.

Although it is not necessary, the best kind of artificial light is track lighting that comes from the ceiling. Properly placed track light hits the picture at a 90 degree angle and bounces back toward the floor, not the viewer’s eyes. Even pictures framed in glass can be displayed this way without any glare or reflections. Using this kind of lighting can be a very, very dramatic way to display a picture. Laminated pictures are absolutely dynamite when displayed this way.






There is more information about framing our pictures on our main framing page.


Please don't hesitate to call (207-604-2661 ) or email us if you have questions about any of this.


        Trout Lake Autumn, Telluride, Colorado
        Trout Lake Autumn, Colorado , Very Long Narrow Size

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