Moving From Colorado to New Mexico

Pictures of our old home in Colorado and our new home in New Mexico



I'm not sure if all our friends and customers know, but Joan and I are now living in New Mexico, not in Howard, Colorado, where we lived for the last 14 years. To the right is a picture of our old home in Howard, CO. Howard, CO

At first, I was very hesitant to leave Howard as I love Colorado, I love the mountains where we lived and I love the house that Joan and I built there. However, after 14 years, Joan was sick and tired of four or five or six feet of snow every winter at the 7800 foot level of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains where we lived. It wasn't just the snow she hated, it was also the fact that we lived a half mile off the main county road that was the only regularly plowed road in the area.  The 1/2 mile long spur road to our house mostly got kind-of-plowed by locals with snowplows on their jeeps and pickups, but usually the only way into our driveway was a narrow, one car wide track surrounded by four foot walls of hard packed snow. One little twitch of the steering wheel and you were in for a several hour shoveling session unless some good samaritan came along and pulled you out.

So, it was four wheel drive and chains all winter long which usually ended sometime in late May. The oak leaves didn't come out until early June. And it was usually mid to late June before the Aspens really got rolling.  But, then again, as I always told Joan, we had Ponderosa and Pinyon and Juniper all year long.  Joan didn't think that was much of a consolation.

And then there was the fifteen mile drive to town (town being Salida, CO with a booming population of 7000) and the fact that all of Joan's golf friends lived in New Mexico and Joan thought that the golf course in Salida was something of a joke.

So, after a particularly hard and lonely winter, we decided that it was time to move back to Albuquerque where we had lived for 25 years before moving to Colorado. To make a long story short, in March of this year we bought a beautiful old adobe home in Placitas, NM which is about ten miles north of Albuquerque on the way to Sante Fe.   Placitas is right at the base of the Sandia Mountains where we have great views of mountains to the East, the vast and empty New Mexico plains to the West and the Pinyon and Juniper covered foothills that surround us.  We both love it here now.


Below are some pictures of both Howard, CO and our new home in Placitas, NM


Howard, Co
For 14 years we lived in Howard, CO in the pine forest not far beyond this mountain meadow.
You can see why, at first, I really hated the idea of moving from this idyllic spot. Of coure this picture
was taken in late June when the winter snows are fast receeding up the Sangre de Christo Mounains .



Cherry Creek, Howard, CO

The county road to our old home in Howard, Colorado. This picture was taken well before the
Colorado winter really got rolling. We lived in the dark band of trees at the base of the mountains.



Our new home in Placitas New Mexico just after a rainstorm.



New Mexico Sunser

8275, The view to the West from the backyard of our new home in Placitas, NM


Placitas NM

Placitas NM and the Sandia Mountains from Our New Placitas Home


The Sandia Mountains from the front yard of our Placitas Home


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