All New Images, 2015



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11744 Woods Island Light, Maine

11745, Winter Dawn and Rocks, Maine

11741, Mount Moran Dawn, Pink sky and water

11142, Foggy Morning on the Oxbow

11214-A, Teton Oxbow, Bright Leaves, Foggy Water

11409, Red Summac and GreenPine

11421, Smooth River Rocks, Tetons

11710, Four Birchand Red Leaves

11725, Autumn Leaves, Chocorua Lake
Chocorua Lake, New Hampshire

11726, Chocorua Lake, Autumn
Chocorua Lake, New Hampshire

11727 Chocorua Lake and Mist
Chocorua Lake, New Hampshire

11728, Autumn Creek, Crawford Notch
Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

11729, Creek and Trees, Crawford Notch
Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

11730, Mt Chocorua and Rain, Panorama
Chukura Lake, New Hampshire

11731, Yellow Birch and Granite
Bath, Maine

J1, Fishnet and Sunset, Panorama

J10, Buoys, Cape Neddick

J12 Night Court

J13, Snowy Trees and Fence

J14, Sunset Kettle Cove

J15, Three Trees

J16, Geese

J17, Misty Morning

J19, Misty Meadows

J2 Five Trees and Fence

J20, Waterfall, North Conway

J21, Mossy Boulders and Falls

J22, Yellow Bouys, Blue Net

J23 Green Dingy and Dock

J24, Punta Cana Sunset

J25, Heron and Fog

J27, Gray Bridge and Duck

J3 Oak Tree and Snow

J30 Yellow Bouys, Blue Net Large

J31, Leaning Palm

J32, Palm Circle

J33, Log and Ocean

J34, Three Palms

J6, Winter Pier 1 at Dawn

J36, White Tree Rectangular

J35, White Tree Square

J9, Misty Woods

J6-A, Winter Pier 2 at Dawn

J7, White Bird, Wells Reserve

J8, Misty Morning Farmhouse

11742, Oxbow Dawn Panorama. Teton National Park, Wyoming

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11744, Wood Island Light, Winter
Maine Sea Coast

11745, Dawn, East Point Sanctuary
Maine, Winter

11746, Portland Head Light, Looking South
Maine Sea Coast

11747, Portland Head Light 2
Maine Sea Coast

11748, Portland Head Light, Cold Winter Day
Maine Sea Coast

11751, Sewall Beach, Phippsburg, Winter
Maine Sea Coast

11750, Blue Canoe, Fort Popham, Winter, Panorama
Maine Sea Coast

11752, Snowy Rocks, Sewall Beach,
Phipsburg, Winter
Maine Sea Coast

11749, Roots and Trees, Black and White
Maine Sea Coast

11753, Two Stones and Surf
Fortunes Beach
Maine Sea Coast

11751-A, -Seawall Beach, Phippsburg, Winter
Maine Sea Coast

11754, Frozen Leaf and Icy Branches
Maine Sea Coast

11755, Teton Sunset Panorama
Teton National Park, Wyoming







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